Shore leave: Horseriding Ua Huka

Ua Huka, Marquesas, French Polynesia.

Head to Ua Huka, one of the smallest of the Marquesas for some serious downtime, wild landscapes and plenty of quiet on this one-road island. Organise horses and a guide through your pension and set off on the scenic ride from Vaipae'e in the south - the main town on the island with a post office, town hall, nursery and primary school - to Hane; a large settlement with a notable archeological site. On the way you'll pass windswept plateaus, the arboretum and airport before dropping to the coastal road to Hane. The archaeological sites of Tehavea and Meiaute are within walking distance of Hane so if you're all horsed out at the end of your ride you can investigate the area which was occupied between 900 and 1200 AD, as well as the free marine museum on the seafront.

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