One of the highlights of cruising the Pacific is undeniably the food! There's the fresh seafood of course, as well as a plethora of organically-grown fruit and vegetables and a host of artisan foods which will add a local flavour to your menus. 

We also source the staples and specialty products you rely on from around the world, ensuring only the freshest and best ingredients will be provided to you through our international network of wholesale brokers.

We order only the finest wholesale produce - fresh and frozen seafood and shellfish, wagyu and prime beef, organic game, poultry, Asian fruits and vegetables, European confections supplies, signature award winning appetisers, an unmatched cheese selection, frozen glaces, custom desserts and petit fours.

Whether it’s a local dockside delivery or freight to a remote Pacific location, we guarantee that your order will be processed with the speed and efficiency that you need to maintain the high standards you deliver to your guests.

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