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Monsoon Ginger Beer - Cardamom - blends the natural goodness of fresh delta-grown Vietnamese ginger with a light and natural coconut sugar. A brewed ginger beer with a delightful difference. Brewed in small batches using fresh ginger, real lemons and a dash of star anise for good measure, Monsoon Sparkling Ginger Beer with Cardamom offers authentic flavour and naturally refreshing taste and works beautifully to accompany Vietnamese dishes. The black cardamom for Monsoon Ginger is sourced from farmers along the Mekong Delta. 

For full fiery flavour, we recommend you tip, swirl then sip. 

Monsoon Sparkling Ginger Beer with Cardamom

  • - Black Cardamom gives an earthy smokey note 
    - Slightly minty aroma that provides balance to an otherwise funky flavour and is s ‘warming’ spice
    - Delightful small bubbles and bead 
    - The fresh ginger juice gives a lively fresh finish and slight heat
    - The coconut sugar adds deeper note than cane sugar
    - 30% less sugar than other major brands makes for a less oily finish and more dry
    - Cloudy colour is because of natural ferment and just more actual ginger