March 26, 2020

National Marine Pacific is encouraging yachts in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific to offload any excess medical masks or gloves for distribution to medics in need. 

As Covid-19 increasingly makes its presence felt through the world, we're encouraging any yachts in New Zealand, the Pacific or Australia to offload unneeded and in-date medical equipment.

“If you've got excess nitrile gloves, protective masks or other medical supplies onboard and you don't think you'll need them in the coming months, the team is able to help these reach medical professionals around the Pacific, who are anticipating they could run short,” says...

July 3, 2019

Ma'uke, Cook Island. 

Motuanga or the Cave of 100 Rooms is a complex system of numerous tunnels and freshwater caverns on the Cook Islands' Ma'uke. Though it's called the Cave of 100 Rooms, no one in living memory has made it all the way to the end to verify the number. Crawl through into a compact atrium with underground pool before it opens into the network of tunnels that extends much further out - all the way under the reef and out to sea, though only a few are accessible. Swim in the final underground pool and you'll hear waves crashing on the reef above you.

The most easterly of the Cook Islands, Mauke is also home to the w...

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